HBO’s Confederate Make a Wish Foundation

HBO announced a new show from the creators of Game of Thrones (one of the best shows ever made) D.B. Weiss and David Benioff. It is a reimagining of the world in which the southern states successfully seceded from the union and kept slavery alive. It is said to take place just before a third […]

Riot, Cherubs, Roar – Poem

riot, cherubs, roar screamer on the balcony, the boy who will glide above the bee sting outwit the fox out break their hearts who will will them back together for the first time out laster, master blaster who will scream and laugh and and blast off blast off, he who hangs in the sky overlord […]

The Sailor

First read at WordParty in San Francisco at PianoFight, 2/21/2017.   This is the end of the known world so I step to the edge to the lights leaping off stage then   I float on a cloud over the poisoned sea to reign truth down upon our heads there can be no more lies […]

Judd Apatow’s World is a Sexless Wasteland

One of these days Judd Apatow will have to face the reality that I’m here. Don’t get me wrong, I love Apatow’s entire cannon starting with Freaks and Geeks all the way to the present day orgy of thirty-somethings behaving like teenagers called Love (Netflix). I’ve been known to binge-watch them all over a weekend […]