Riot, Cherubs, Roar – Poem

riot, cherubs, roar

screamer on the balcony, the boy who will glide above the bee sting

outwit the fox

out break their hearts who will will them back together for the first

time out laster, master blaster who will scream and laugh


and blast off

blast off, he who hangs

in the sky overlord of his mother’s garden

counter outer, first round shouter, body rocker, microphone shocker who tells of not one, not two

but three. hundred. Arabian nights


the boy who beat Luke Skywalker in a light saber fight


riot, cherubs, roar

at daybreak break the barriers of sound, our eternal shackle of gravity

at daybreak soar from your father’s arms, armed

as newborn predators, as a man with nothing to lose, come

close to the point where night becomes day, where our bodies

explode and return to heaven’s arms

blast us to dust, as atomic mist, through the eternal barrier of our people and you

lead us between the rain drops


riot, cherubs, roar

roar for the sky to crash down upon us, bring it down like a plaything, loved one

bring it down and set us free to riot through this universe

roar for the bee who can’t ride these warm currents like you do

outwit them all

riot, cherubs, roar


This poem was first published in the journal Harpoon Review


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