The Sailor

First read at WordParty in San Francisco at PianoFight, 2/21/2017.


This is the end of the known world

so I step to the edge

to the lights leaping off stage then


I float on a cloud over the poisoned sea

to reign truth down upon our heads

there can be no more lies

Just hear me out before you go


I dressed your body in the correct robes

I said my prayers on a mountaintop


My sister dug coins from the fountain for your eyes

in the photographs they make you look impenetrable

they consume fear and flesh


Your stare burned me alive

my flesh was stippled

dry as the oldest creek bed

aching for the rains


We sat shiva over CBGB’s on hot nights

and counted the secret patterns in fishnets

you touched my neck and said

“you are incapable of making informed decisions, my love”


And you were right, you spoke feedback

under the maniac lights


Silly goddess of the East Village

you eviscerated mysteries

like ripened fruit or bloody kills or rainwater

brilliance dripped from the edge of your mouth just so


I want to lash your un-naked body to a raft of stolen wood

I want to cast you from the womanly curves of highway one

I want to send you blazing over Bolinas bay


This is the edge of the known world

they are all born here, the great whites of the Pacific

conceived in the peaceful storm

of a pool

Of water both fresh and salt


There are signs

warnings against going in too deep

but I am incapable of making informed decisions


I want to set you free to drift homeward to the stars

to the infinity of love and despair

a sailing flame to the new world


To light the romance of great white sharks



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