Paula Deen Has Diabetes and is About To Get Richer

Paula Deen has made a career of encouraging terrible health, poor quality of life and diabetes to millions.

Paula Deen, deep fried cook of southern lard extraordinaire, now has diabetes. There’s a shocker. Deen has made herself famous by whipping up deep fried, fatty, lard infused southern “cuisine” to a captivated audience on the Food Network. Legions of devotees waddled to her drumbeat, which predictably has led to a dangerous disease.

But why should that stop PD on her mission to encourage people to ignore the importance of a quality diet. Why change your tune and promote health and wellness even in the face of a horrible, life altering, disease that has been clearly caused by said disregard for eating refuse when you can just take a pill?

Ever the opportunist, Deen will now peddle drugs. Glad to see someone is keeping the dream of a fat, medicated populace alive.

Two amputated thumbs up, Paula!


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