Man Shows Internet Glimpse of Perfect Cocktail

One of the great failures of American society is the demonization of alcohol. Sure, we consume it in great quantities but with each sip there is the constant nag of Reagan-era fear of the dreaded addiction. This can make a downright good time a little less awesome. And if there is one thing people on earth need more of, it’s awesome.

God knows the agents of un-awesome, aka suckitude, aka shitty times. are a tireless bunch, hell bent on stirring up the festering bile of politics, racism, war, religion, the Philadelphia Eagles and the many varied forms of downers. To wit: the year 2012 promises to be epic in it’s clusterfuckity.

But there are some agents of God in this forsaken, unsophisticated world, stirring peychaud bitters rather than old wounds.

Enter a little bit of God’s love in the form of the sazerac.


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