World Takes Offense to Change of Word in Song on New Years Eve … No, Seriously

Cee Lo Green not only drops hot beats, but he freestyles Beattles hits with the best of them

Cee Lo Green, former Goodie Mob member, sometime Adult Swim guest star and general freaky deeky extraordinaire shocked the world by singing John Lennon’s “imagine” on New Year’s Eve in a coat made of afros. Oh, and he also changed one of the words in Lennon’s iconic song.

Baby boomers and other sentimental types have taken great offense to the altering of the lyrics to the song that entreated mankind to imagine a world without conflict, possession or even nations. They seem to miss the fact that the song has yet to work. We still have countries, nations and possessions. And Lennon, bless his soul, is still dead.

Glad to see that we are ringing in 2012 with good old fashioned celebrity worship.


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