God Bless You, Brandon Jacobs

It was a long time coming, but Rex Ryan and the life form currently gestating under his sweater, were forced to throw some words on top of his next meal and chowdown.

The Jets head coach has been proclaiming his team the “kings of New York” and telling everyone who’ll listen that his team is second to none, least of all the New York Giants. The Giants are the older, more accomplished team and ever since the two franchises built the New Meadowlands stadium to share as a home field tensions have been high. The two play each other only once every four years in the regular season so this matchup was something extra special. In the week leading up to the Giants @ Jets showdown Ryan and his players talked more shit than a proctologist.

The Gmen responded by beating them senseless on Christmas Eve and winning 29-14. After the game, while passing Giants Running Back Brandon Jacobs on the field Ryan reportedly told Jacobs to “shut up” and that the Jets were going to win the superbowl–right after he cried his way through ten big macs of course.

Jacobs, ever the heart of the team had this to say:


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