LA Times Thinks It’s A-OK That Candidates Can’t Answer Real Questions

Amazingly the LA Times seems to miss the obvious conclusion: the GOP candidates overwhelmingly decline to attend serious-minded shows like “Meet The Press” because they can’t answer policy questions.

The most interesting thing is that the Times attempts to make the case that GOP candidates prefer FOX news and Letterman because they feel more comfortable being around like-minded individuals. But isn’t the issue here that these people simply don’t want to answer meaningful questions:

Chris Wallace, host of “Fox News Sunday,” said he’s had no problem getting candidates including Romney to come on his program this time around — but that may be because Republican politicians are more aligned with the Fox News ethos than other networks and hence a more efficient route to reaching GOP primary voters.”

But it seems like the Times is more interested in being long winded than giving any sort of meaningful analysis. Like this softball quote at the end:

Reeves, a historian who’s written bestselling books on Presidents Kennedy and Nixon, sees some candidates’ reluctance to appear on the Sunday shows as inimical to democracy and good governance, although he understands the attraction.

“They have found a way to go around serious interrogation,” he said. “From their standpoint, that’s probably terrific.”


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