A Few Thoughts on The Year Ending 2011, and Possibly the Illest Rhyme Ever By a Sith Lord

The year called 2011 was rife with personal and professional milestones for Uncut. It was a year that started off with a welcome layoff, a trip to paradise with the most important woman in my life, more weddings than you can swing a dead cat at, creative productivity and a host of other events I’m not at liberty to discuss on the Internet. It was the year liberals finally got over the swooning phase of their love affair with Barack Obama and saw him for what he is: a human and a politician. It was the year Republicans finally revealed how totally cynical is their quest for power by parading total imbeciles through their primary.

It was the year that Katy Perry and The Black Keys made me like music videos again. I discovered that I love Miami and working for creative digital agencies. Finally by the end of the calendar year 2011 I stopped freaking out about turning 35. There is something like a second chance with the ending of every December, as if celebrating the birth of the new year and a new god is ultimately the admission of inverse, death and renewal.

It has been another year of steady decline for New York sports. A season in which the Jets and Giants more closely resemble baristas than professional athletes. Thankfully the Yankees continue their extraordinary dominance of baseball.

The dominance of whimsy continues to define the Internet, thank jeebus, as is evidenced by the runaway hit Epic Rap Battles (above). It hasn’t always been pleasant–we’ve been forced to bear witness to Bill Cosby’s deterioration like billions of children left alone with their crazy grandpa while mom and dad go out for more cranberry sauce.

All in all I’m going to bid 2011 a fond farewell. A bittersweet year it’s been. New friends have been made, old ones found again. Drama has reared it’s ugly head, but been whack-a-moled by its bigger cousin happiness. I’m looking forward to 2012, if for only one thing:


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