Dude, We’ve Already Covered This

Liverpool's Luis Suarez may or may not be a racist, but one thing is certain: he has no problem with hair dressers

In spite of looking like a boy band singer in cleats, Liverpool footballer Luis Suarez has the nerve to talk shit to other soccer players. This isn’t a big deal, in and of itself. Athletes talk, some quite a lot, to get into each other’s heads and hopefully throw off the opponent’s timing. But apparently throwing off timing for Suarez means hurling racial epitaphs at the darker of his opponents.

Sometime in October he called Manchester United player Patrice Evra “negrita”, which, if you want, can be a pejorative. The soccer world is up in arms about this apparently. Suarez is pleading ignorance, which is utterly preposterous. The man has played in the World Cup in South Africa, members of his team hail from all parts of the world. It is ludicrous to entertain the notion that he had no idea … unless. He really wasn’t trying to be offensive.

For the same reasons everyone in the media is lambasting him for not knowing better, it’s also a little difficult to believe the guy is a vicious racist. He’s probably been playing the sport with men of all colors for most of his life. If it’s true that he’s been exposed to a multi-culti world for years and should know better, isn’t it also reasonable to assume that he does? Athletes mess with each other and if we’re willing to consider that he said what he said for one reason, we must be willing to consider it’s utterance for another reason.

Maybe he’s just trying to get under the guy’s skin. Just sayin …

But my issue is this: that’s the best you got? They guy’s name is Patrice and all you can dial up through that gallon of hair gel is “negrita?” Dude you’re not trying hard enough.

Maybe he calls his homies “negrita” when he’s trolling the alleys of Barcelona looking for horny British girls. But if you haven’t learned yet, Aaron McGruder already covered this topic thoroughly


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